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Hello I'm RE Ausetkmt, a Graduate Technician, Webdesigner and Webmistress.

I specialize in Developing Travel, and Artistic Web Presences. My Most Recent Certifications are from the Internationally Famous Dorsey Schools, in A+ Hardware and OS. I also hold credentials from New Horizons Computer Institute, and the very fine ZD University Cyber Programs. I'm trained and certified in HTML4 as a Web Mistress in Win95/Win98/Win200/WinXP & for Commercial Use I also Offer Services for WinNT & Enterprise Server Formats; I have Many Other Certifications in O/S, Design, Graphics and Database Programs including MSOffice 2000; as well as IE 5 & 6; and the Netscape Communications Suite. I have other CIS Certifications, and Degrees, and Presently I'm persuing certifications in A+. I've completed Novell Netware, Java Programming, and Java Beans ECommerce Systems. I am a Member of the International Webmasters Association; the HTML Writers Guild; ILE; and a Proud and Successful Email Listowner and Ecommerce Development Pioneer.

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Most recently I completed my coursework for A+ Certifications. that means I am now qualified to build and service your Computer Hardware and Software, in addition to installing your highspeed network and maintaining your website. If your small company is looking for quality technical support, please feel free to drop us a line and we'll see how we can help you achieve your maximum end-user satisfaction level.

Our newest division TechChic, is based out of our new headquarters in sunny Tampa, Fl. We opened for customer business on January 1, 2003. So please keep us in mind for those needed fall hardware and software upgrades and purchases.

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REalities - Webmistresses
REalistic Journey's Tropical Travel Agency

This Fully Functioning Commercial Site is an example of small Ecommerce Dynamic Content Travel Agency Featuring Custom Design and weekly updated presentation. This site features Dynamically Updated Content, Directed Sales, Powerpoint, XML, a Java Photogallery, Response Forms, Javascript Navigation, Hosted Search Engine, CGI Scripts, ECommerce Affiliations, Live Chat Facilities, a Secure Shopping Cart and many backside administration tools that provide you with comprehensive data on Who is visiting your site, and what they are purchasing.

The Home of Ausetkmt.com. a Pre IPO Design Firm Website

This Popular Commercial site is a non frame site, with lots of colorful graphics, a Powerpoint slide show, Response Form, Backside Mail and ECommerce Faciities. This growing site is updated weekly with minimal html, through the Design and use of Our Custom Designed Templates. These Templates insure a consistent Design Theme throughout your site. This site features Dynamic Content, a Weekly Poll, Custom Email for Visitors, Live Chat, EMail Lists, Forums, and Secured Shopping Carts.

REALJewels Cyber Galleries

A Successful Jewelry and Adornment Gallery Supersite. This site uses Interactive "Live Operator Assistance", all of the most popular and efficient management tools and Sales Techniques.
This Non Frames Site, features the use of Powerpoint, a Secured Shopping Cart, a Monthly Hosted EZine, Custom Forms, Custom Mapped Banners, HTML4, XML, Java, CGI, Javascript, and lots of backside tools for RealTime E-Commerce Sales, Inventory Management, Maintainance and Development.

NileDvine's Pink Pages

an XML / HTML4 Non Frames Site built to showcase Elegant Text and Table structure within a simple 5mg site. This site features the poetry, essays and critiques. Easily Updated with each addition to the site, this site style is Ideal for a Simple Personal Homesite, or Small Business. This site features the use of Custom Graphics, and Buttons, and a livetime Database of Writing that can be updated quickly by simple FTP.

HoneyChiles Lush Life

a Popular Custom Produced Monthly EZine. This 3mg HTML4, site style is ideal for a writer, musician and or small personal business site. This site style is Effectively used as a Personal Advertisement in Internet Personals Registries. the advertising is keyed to the products of the business, including the artists who are featured, such as Jill Scott, Bob Marley, and Erykah Badu.

REalities Java Photogallery

This site is a Java Photogallery, Developed to Highlight Graphics and Photography Sites. This site uses Java, XML, HTML4, Custom PSP Designed Graphics and Background, A Mapped Navigation Device and lots of beautifully Enhanced Photos.

Welcome to REALTruth

This Site is owned by the Sponsors of ThinkTank-l, YorubaLife, and Afrospirit-l Email List. The very popular and highly awarded site, is over 15mg and includes the use of, HTML4, XML, Stylesheets, Tables, Java, Javascripts, CGI Scripts, Animated Banners, Live Chat, A Custom Designed Mapped Navigation Device, Custom Designed PSP Graphics, Response Forms, Hosting for 3 Very Popular Email lists, including sign up and subscription tools, Multiple Ecommerce Affiliations, and loads of Backside management tools.

RealJewels Cigar Box Purses

this 5mg ECommerce Preview site, hosts the Monthly specials and Auction Offerings from RealJewels Accessories, of Detroit, MI. This Website style is a very popular showcase for Small ECommerce Offerings, who want to test the Cybermarketplace. This site utilizes HTML4, XML, Custom Graphics, a Working Shopping Cart; a Site Update Notification tool, Live Text Menu Maps, Custom Email Forms, and a Customer Alert List."Personalized, Intentionally Small But Effective"


a Single Page Ecommerce Archive site, for the owners of ThinkTank and Yorubalife. This site uses Tables, Custom PSP Designed Graphics, HTML 4, Response Forms, Multiple Display Items for Ecommerce Affiliations, and Email List Subscription Tools. this site illustrates the use of Tables as a site arrangement tool. This double frame site, makes use of Full window design techniques, without sacrificing search engine listing spiders ability to catalog your 100+ link Meggasite. this site features a fully functioning stored companion Database Search Engine listing of sites that are stored for a monthly update of the site.

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